We offer private or remote tutoring in every version of Finale, with reasonable hourly rates and no long term committment.


Publishers receive submissions from aspiring composers and arrangers EVERY DAY.  Professional submissions have, by far, the greatest chance of being considered.  Give your submission the look Publishers want and the best chance for successs.

Finale Music Notation Software has long been the industry standard and favorite of professional engravers, arrangers, and composers.  Making your engravings stand out requires a more in depth knowledge of the inner workings and settings of the software.  Most Finale users are quite comfortable working with the provided templates, but making your work unique and precise is what most publishers are looking for when considering the many submissions they receive.

By getting deep into each of the digital setting of Finale, you'll learn how to adjust to your exact specifications virtually every element on the page without the guesswork of dragging items or moving them manually.  You'll learn how to:

  Adjust staff sizes and distance precisely without dragging  ♦  Mathematically line up or space systems on the page
Adjust all settings to avoid constantly tweaking  ♦  Create a variety of unique items and "floating" elements
Create your own custom templates to your exact specifications to achieve the unique look you desire
Use music spacing more effectivelyAdjust global and document setting to achieve the look you desire
Create Custom Brackets & Braces  ♦  Adjust all music elements mathematically to avoid collisions

... and so much more, in fact, anything else you wish to be able to do, and any look you want to achieve.